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Tampons or Pads, Which Do You Prefer?

Home Lifestyle September 28, 2017 42 Comments


Where are my female readers, get in here. Let’s talk about tampons.

I remember when I used to say I’m not a fan of of tampons. In fact, I was among the anti-tampon squad but curiosity wouldn’t let me be great. In addition, going commando on most days made me realize I’d appreciate tampon more.

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The first time I tried using it, I could not sleep. I felt like I had blocked my breathing system. It was as if someone had decided to pull out all my intestines in one night.

Creepy, yeah? Very!

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How I Spent My Saturday: The Makeup Transformation

Home Lifestyle Personal Style Reviews September 21, 2017 9 Comments

When people say makeup is deceitful, I will usually argue with them to keep their opinion to themselves if they cannot understand that it is not. Well, I do not intend to makeup and still look the same neither do I want to look totally different.

Men are just jealous because they can’t wear makeup – Carolyn Murphy

Anyways, I did try @rinesbeauty over the weekend, some things you decide to do to pass away time and make your friends happy, I went for a makeup session! And yes I was transformed?

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Personality Crush : Interview with Dr Victor Ugo

Home Lifestyle September 20, 2017 20 Comments

Personality crush is one category I am going to be adding to this blog. One of the reasons I started blogging was to bring to fore awesome personalities, budding entrepreneurs and people with special skills and awesomeness around us that we do not know. Some we may know but we underrate them because they are not popular or have not reached the peak of the success ladder. But whatever it is, Debs Corner is here to bring them all out, share and be part of their success story.

I started this before now, you can read Interview with M-Ore to see what it used to be like. But now this is a new addition and phase to the blog and it is going to be continuous.

Today, our personality crush for the week is Dr Victor Ugo…*drum rolls* *spread green rug* I am super dramatic, yes I know…lols.

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Style Lookbook|| How I Styled Buba As A Corporate Fit

Home Lifestyle Personal Style September 17, 2017 12 Comments
My Iro and Buba Look

I have followed quite a number of style and fashion blogs and I have been learning and stealing style ideas from them. You must have seen how I stole Salmah’s layer look and restyled here.

I was trying to rearrange my closet some days ago when I made a good discovery. My old Iro and buba I used to own when I was a perfect size 10 ? It has been a while I wore it, then I remembered this church dedication service I needed to attend and it just came in handy, so I kept it aside for this reason.

Styling Iro as a Top

    This was taken about 17 months ago

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Random Facts || 20 Things You Do Not Know About Me

Blogging Tips Home Lifestyle September 14, 2017 46 Comments

I have been wanting to share random facts about me for a long time but I was never sure why I should. As a result, this post has been sitting in my draft for too long and today, I brace the courage to share. I thought, it will not be a bad idea for my dearest readers and followers to get to know more about me. I once shared in Too Much Information Tag but then a few more random facts should not hurt. Come with me, winks.

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