PDA- Support or Not?

PDA- Support or Not?

Hey darlings. Another day, another blessing!


PDA simply means Public Display of Affection. In a layman’s language, it means showing off your relationship on social media. The essence of today’s post is to ask if it’s something to be embraced or not and to here your view on it.


I really celebrate people who put out their relationship on social media. Kudos sister and brothers. Let me confess, I love it and envy you guys and I wish to do same but I’m of the opinion that some things are meant to be private, love life inclusive.

Besides, what’s the point?

I understand as a lady, when you let people know you are in a happy relationship (social media pictures), they’d know their bounds and not disrespect or bother you about relationships …Well, report have it that these ones gets the most attention from opposite sex..

But what do I know? After all I don’t do PDA?

I remember knowing a lady who does PDA like no man’s business. And then one day, we stopped seeing pictures…and then she was posting strange comments about not giving a fuck and loving only yourself…and then one day, all the PDA pictures disappeared. Later on, I got to learn the relationship ended up not working. And guess the kind of comments I started seeing on her page?


Ah, what about your boyfriend?

Where is XYZ?

Has your boyfriend traveled?

Are you single now?

People of the world can ask silly questions though but then, you made it their business, hence it’s important they ask and know…

When you make your private affairs public, prepare to answer the most ridiculous questions.

The lots I find difficult to comprehend are the ones whose relationship has been sealed by social media but their parents don’t even know the lady/guy’s first name.

I won’t be a judge of relationships as all relationships have their highs and lows…



Even marriages break these days, see the lives our celebrities live now. They go from a lavish wedding, to marriage hitting the rock rumor, then they start deleting their spouses pictures and even going as far as removing their names from theirs!

You guys are really trying!!!

To be honest, I wish to splash my bobo’s pictures in your faces especially those loved up moments and memories but no, I will not. At least not yet because I still intend to someday? By then, they’d be perfect throwbacks.

I spoke to a few friends before sharing this post and one said, “Debs, I learnt my lessons about PDA the hard way, I was too in love with my boyfriend and he was too with me. We never saw it coming and then we had to break up. Deleting his pictures off my social media was the hardest point of my life.”

Another said, ” We were engaged. Our engagement video was carried bellanaija and the rest and then we had issues we couldn’t resolve. How do I go about telling people about that? Up till today, people still ask me why we are yet to pick the date!”
“I will never show him to the world until he propose”
“Let’s be doing private lifestyle abeg until we get married”

Different strokes for different folks.



While some people see it as no biggy, others will never try it. And I respect everyone for their choices as long as you can manage both.

What’s your take on this darlings? Will you support PDA? Is it a good idea or not? I love to hear from you, don’t be shy, join the discussion.

Akingboye Deborah
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  • D’Dream January 10, 2017 3:23 pm

    First of all, the picture up there cracked me up!

    Well for me I believe moderation is key especially when you guys aren’t official yet even at that there is suppose to be limit.

    personally I don’t do PDA, for what na? Different stroke for different folks

    Great writeup

    Ps: I couldnt comment on your website except I visit on a laptop. It is kind of strenous for me (pardon my intonation) as I am used to hooking up with wordpress domain site on the WordPress App. Hoope this is fixed soon.

    • debadmin January 10, 2017 3:33 pm

      You can say that again Emmanuel…and yes, different stoke for different folks!

      I got a few people complain about the comment glitch too before now and I am hoping I have managed to resolve it as I can read your comment now.

      Thanks for the update.

  • Jahzmene January 14, 2017 11:01 am

    Personally… A little PDA is OK for me… A couple of pics here n there… I wouldn’t litter my social media with his pics tho…just birthdays and a few occasions… My social media shouldn’t revolve around my relationship…. I should be able to be ME. It’s not really about deleting it we break up… Cos shit happens so deleting should be my least concern… U delete n move on. Police no dey catch person wey post pics kon delete am abi?

    • debadmin January 14, 2017 11:16 am

      ???At all…More reason why I say if you can manage it, you are good to go. Not break up afterwards and then the whole world still need to know and be involved!??

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