Weekly Ramble I

Weekly Ramble I

Weekly Ramble is a new column that I shall be bringing to us. The focus will be on activities that happened during the course of each week. It shall be featured every Monday and it is going to cover activities from sports, entertainment, politics, fashion, lifestyle and social media trends. So get ready for this exciting weekly ramble.

A lot of news popped up on the news cycle during the past week but a few of them stole headlines. Let’s start with:

 Weekly Ramble #1: MUGABWE

If the news of a coup had not popped up on TV, we might have witnessed a certain country change its name for a third time in thirty eight (38) years.

The Republic of Rhodesia changed its name to Zimbabwe in 1979 and its remained so ever since.

A certain Robert Mugabe was prime minister from 1980-1987 and he’s also been president since 1987.  That’s thirty (30) whole years. Grandpa Robert is 93 years old and I bet the name change is thoroughly deserving.

To think the coup plotters were still negotiating the power change with him speaks volumes about his grip on the country.

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 Weekly Ramble #2: Dr. ALEX EKWUEME, GCON

While we hope and pray a certain 93 year old dictator relinquishes power permanently in Southern Africa, the news of death of former Nigerian Vice President Alex Ekwueme (GCON) filtered in on Sunday. Aged 85, the highly educated octogenarian passed away in a London hospital after battling with illness.

He was an astute politician and highly respected statesman. We pray God grants him eternal rest. Nigeria and his Kinsmen in Anambra will miss him.

 Weekly Ramble #3: ANAMBRA

Even though Anambra state has produced some great politicians, same cannot be said of internal politics within the state.

Gubernatorial elections held in the state last week and the results were not surprising in any way. Power of incumbency prevailed once again and Willie Obiano got a fresh 4 year mandate to govern the state again. If feelers from the gubernatorial debate were to go by, Willie Obiano might have had to make that now famous phone call conceding defeat.

Let’s just say debates are not famous pointers in Nigerian Elections.

Weekly Ramble #4: #BAAD17

Being famous comes with its perks. But when two famous people decide to get married, the attention such wedding garner is immense.

Bankole Wellington and Adesua Etomi got married last weekend and social media was agog with pictures from #BAAD17.

The hashtag had thousands of impressions on twitter and Instagram. Blogs were not left out too.

Even though the wedding (traditional ceremony) was about Banky and Adesua, Ebuka Uchendu stole the show with his agbada. I don’t know if that garment qualifies to be called an agbada, especially with the mid-clips it had on it, but the creativity that produced such well crafted piece deserves a worthy mention. Hailings to Ugo Mozie, the designer behind that piece.

Oh! I forgot to mention Masterkraft came close to matching Ebuka’s display of showmanship. As a multi-talented producer, Masterkraft’s outfit wasn’t a true reflection of his great production skills.

Weekly Ramble #5: THE POPE AND THE LAMBO

If you are looking for a true reflection of the word modesty, look no further than the Pontiff, Pope Francis.

Last week, Italian luxury sports car maker Lamborghini gave a bespoke white and yellow Lamborghini Huracan to the Holy See. White and Yellow are the colours of the Vatican Flag. Guess What Pope Francis did with the Lambo?

I’m sure you’d expect him to take it for a spin at least…

Naaaa! The Pope gave it up for auction and the proceeds will go to charitable organizations supported by the catholic church.

Did I just hear Daddy Freeze’s voice in the background?

Weekly Ramble #6: POGBACK!


Oh yes! I’m a shameless football fan.

Paul Pogba can be termed a luxury football player, he cost Manchester United a whooping Eighty Nine Million Pounds (£89m). That’s how many Lambos?

He returned from a long injury layoff last weekend to lead Manchester United to victory over Newcastle United in the English Premier League. The team had struggled a bit recently in his absence. Has the return of the luxury player brought about a resurgence in the team’s fortunes?

We wait!

Written by Consigliere

Which of the ramble is your favorite? What do you think of #BAAD17? Are you excited about this new column? Join the discussion.

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  • Ayomide November 21, 2017 10:21 pm

    Hiii, the #BAAD2017 was just the major news for last week. The wedding was our wedding, the marriage is theirs. We’re just waiting to attend the white wedding via social media.
    P.S: I sent you a DM on IG, I’m patiently awaiting your response

    • Akingboye Deborah November 21, 2017 10:24 pm

      Ahahahaha, we are the social media attendees! I’m certain we are more than the real attendees ? Will check ASAP.

      Thanks for stopping by, Ayo.

  • oshamebinum December 10, 2017 10:50 am

    Awesome column.. I enjoyed it….

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