Products Review: HD Flawless Fluid Foundation and Flawless Powder

Products Review: HD Flawless Fluid Foundation and Flawless Powder

Over the last week, I received the HD Flawless Fluid Foundation and HD Flawless Powder, Absolute New York from Original Cosmetics Nigeria. My blogger mail came for me at the right time and the delivery was just exactly 48 hours after our communication.

I must confess this is my first time of using any of their products and I’m excited to try it out. And I sure did just the next day.

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The packaging is quite eye catchy, handy and simple. It’s easy to carry in your purse and tote bags.


In this era of expensive beauty products, this HD Flawless Fluid Foundation and Powder is quite affordable. It’s a product I can easily go for once I exhaust it without breaking a bank. You can get the Powder for N3,500 and the foundation for N3,000.


Yes it is.


The Flawless Fluid Foundation is lightweight and a water based formula which makes it melts over the skin instantly to hide imperfections, it also evens out skin tone. I love the fact that it fits like a second skin and provides a smooth and natural coverage that lasts all day. And a plus, it is Paraben free and it contains Vitamin A, C and E.

*Parabens are chemicals that have been used since the 1950s to prevent bacteria and act as a preservative in deodorants, lotions, lipsticks, shampoos, scrubs, and more.

When I first applied, it first seems a bit too thin and rough, so I had to carefully blend it all in to fit. Otherwise, this will give you an uneven look.

The Flawless Foundation Powder is just the perfect matte finish you need after your foundation. It reduces the extra shine, diffuses imperfections without emphasizing pores or fine lines.


Yes it is. All I did was apply on my back of my hand, and then use my foundation brush to apply it all over my face.


For someone like me who has an oily face, I’m always careful with beauty products I use. It has to be matte. The liquid foundation just blended in perfectly. And it’s a total coverage. My face has been acne filled lately, and after applying, it did give me this unique coverage. I could hardly see the spots.

I was out all through the day, and I must confess it did stay on longer. You all know how hot the Abuja sun can be, and I was sweating at some point. All I need do was to touch up with my powder but my foundation did sit in perfectly. Remember to blend it in perfectly when you apply.

For my skin color and type, I used Absolute New York HD Flawless Fluid Foundation in Chestnut, you can shop it using this link.

I also used Absolute New York HD Flawless Powder Foundation in Sable, you can purchase using this link.

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I received this products from CosmeticsNg for an honest review.

Have you ever tried this product? Would you love to? What’s your opinion of it? What’s your beauty routine like? Join the discussion

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