Do you love your Job?

Do you love your Job?

The crux of any academic height is not the fact that you have landed yourself a mouth-watering six figures paid job. Many often assume the increase in their bank balance at the end of every month is the best thing life can offer them. I do not say luxury should be under emphasized neither am I saying money will not offer happiness. But what is luxury and money without content?

The joy of been gainfully employed stems from content, satisfaction and passion.

How passionate are you about your job? Do you find yourself glancing at the time every hour to see how fast the day has gone so you can sign out? Do you dread Sunday night so much, you find yourself drafting the ‘I am ill’ mail? Do you unconsciously cuss when asked to perform a task? Do you dread working hours and sometimes envy those who are not employed? Does this sight of your superior infuriate you?

If you answer yes to most of these questions, then you should reconsider your choice of job. Quite a few people have had to take a job just for the sake of been employed or because of the eyes popping remuneration. This is a wrong belief. Working should be fun and exciting. It is totally wrong when there is no fulfillment in your choice of job.

Okay, so I know many people will say but there is no job anywhere especially in a society as ours. So why leave your ‘good bread’ for none. But then, have you ever seen someone who suffers depression from his or her job? Someone whose job gives him more nightmare than he has ever imagined? Someone who develops cold feet at the start of a new day? Someone who get frightened at the voice of her boss?

Don’t tell me such doesn’t exist because they do. I have witnessed one too many of this cases and I always worries at the pain many people go through in the name of ‘daily bread’.

Really, working should be all about passion. Why engage in something you don’t like? Do you eat frogs so you don’t go hungry? Do you have to wear rags so you don’t stay naked? Do you have to settle for a bicycle because you need a means of transportation?

It is about time we stop focusing on what people have to say about us. It is time we focus on what makes us happy, what bring us satisfaction and content.

Take a minute and reflect on what you would rather do. Forget your current earnings, luxury apartment, official car and other beautiful benefits that come with the job- what would you rather have loved to do? Find it and do it without remorse and apology and you’d be surprise at how far you will go.

Cheers to the weekend!

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