The Unseen Scars

The Unseen Scars


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I have heard and read quite a number of abuse in relationships and marriage. The stories are really pathetic and you begin to wonder how these people find themselves in this and still choose to stay.


Before I go further, are you aware abuse is not just limited to physical beating?
According to “Abuse is a pattern of behavior used to gain and maintain power and control, and it can come in many forms.”

A man may never lay his hand on you to prove to you he’s in control. He may decide to abuse you emotionally. That’s another worse form of abuse. Most people don’t come out of this in one piece. They become scared, suffer low self esteem, become intimidated and too emotional.

Emotional abuse doesn’t leave bruises, it only leaves unseen scars.

When a man shouts at you to pass his message home, he has no respect for you.


When he stalk you just to be sure you are not cheating or doing what he asked you not to do, he lacks trust.
Many men would cheat on their spouse and still make the spouse take the blame for his cheating habits. These are the set I can’t deal with.


A man who sits by and watch you go to bed in tears without reaching out to you to comfort you is an egoistic lunatic.


Most times, we go into a relationship with all this tendencies and say, “He’s just temperamental, he doesn’t bite.” He doesn’t have to bite to kill you. Some people get depressed out of being too emotionally abused. This kind of abuse is as worse as physical abuse. He doesn’t have to lift his hand and hit you but his every actions make you cry, leaves you scared, he keeps hurting you intentionally just so to make you know he’s the ‘boss’, he keeps embarrassing you in public and never make you feel anyway like a spouse.


My dear girl, if you are yet unmarried and you find yourself in such a relationship…congratulations. Please take a walk. You don’t need a man as such. You need a man who will love you, appreciate you and treat you right. He doesn’t have to be perfect.


And if you are married, it’s never too late to reach out for help. Use the social media to tell your story. Don’t be too scared to tell a friend or your parent. Tell someone, don’t keep this emotions bottled. Read my article on .


So many people who commit suicide start from here, even mentally depressed ones. Please don’t allow love or the fear of the unknown truncate your life. You deserve better, you deserve to be happy and you deserve better than that man.


I wish you the very best!


Thanks for reading, kindly share. You never can tell who needs this…

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