Changes: Interview with Oreoluwa Daramola M-ORE

Changes: Interview with Oreoluwa Daramola M-ORE

Hello DebsCorner reader, I trust it has been an awesome month so far? I have been MIA for a few days because I have been having fun without you 🙂 Sorry but that wasn’t the intention, a girl gotta unwind away from all the seriousness once in a while. It was one of such moments.


Moments like this should be explored sometimes cos it would make you reflect on things you are missing out on and things you really should do. It was during such moments I manage to figure out a few changes that will be effected on the blog. 


You’d notice I did a few adjustment with the theme and tagline. Well, more changes will come. When you want so much and aren’t a tech-savvy, you keep exploring and exploring until you get it right.


I’ve also been working on this amazing fiction that will be in episodes and I really do hope you’d like it. Do not forget to subscribe to my newsletter so we can get to chat more often.


We are adding interview section to the blog, yipeeeeeee!


Here, we can get to meet with upcoming entrepreneurs and fast rising stars. I would share a post in future about what inspired this section.


However, let’s get to meet our first interviewee. Her name is M-Ore and she’s a gospel artiste. Who would believe a mathematician would pitch her tent with music? Well, that was what we found in this pretty songstress.


Enjoy the interview below.

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

Alright… Thank you for the opportunity. I am Daramola Oreoluwa, musically staged as M-ORE (Acronym for More Of Real Expression). I hail from Ekiti state and currently Osogbo based. A graduate of Aaua, Ondo State from Mathematical Science department. I’m a Gospel recording artist and songwriter.

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2. How did you come about the name M-ORE? 

Hmm… There’s always a point in life when one gets done with mediocrity and just wants to do the extraordinary with and for God. 

This point, in 2012 was where I found myself and I knew the next step had to be taken and it had so much to do with a purpose that has its foundation embedded in the musical ministerial path. 

There and then, Philippians 2:13 ministered to me that I can only achieve more for Him by getting more from Him and the name M-ORE came to being.

3. Was that what led you to do gospel music or there was more?

To the young girl in me who had always loved good music even before accepting the gospel of Jesus Christ, that was more than enough for me as a conviction to move ahead. Fulfilling purpose all the way!

4. Ever considered doing secular music or got invitations to feature on any? 

Smile…Ever considered, No and Invitations, Yes but turned them down because my purpose is defined in Christ, I can’t afford to derail.

5. Tell us about your new single “Your Majesty” and the inspiration behind it? 

To the glory of God, Your Majesty is my second single after the release of the debut in 2014 titled All I Am. 

You can download All I Am here

It was inspired by the HolySpirit after He took me through quite a long time of waiting with God (the growth process). That time was not just quiet and rosy as it sounds because it had so much pressure on my faith but with the help of the HolySpirit, I came out strong and better with a song and it’s my expression of gratitude to the Sovereign God who is able to do exceedingly great things.

6. What challenges have you faced as a gospel artiste in the industry? And what challenges do u think gospel artistes face generally in the industry?

Hmm…Challenges! They never stop, we just walk through them every time in victory through faith in Christ Jesus. 

However, since I began as a gospel artiste, the major challenge has been in the aspect of always having to encourage people especially youths to reference & live for God because many usually experience battles in their hearts towards the things of God even in the place of worship but Glory to God for making grace for impact available…The message of peace reaches them and many are turned unto righteousness. 

There are diverse challenges that gospel artistes could be facing generally because we carry a message for the the world and as we are not of the world surely it’ll arise but we always triumph through the love of Christ.

7. Do we expect an album anytime soon? 


8. Which artistes inspire you locally and internationally?


Female: Sinach and Shola Allyson 

Male: Tim Godfrey and Nathaniel Bassey 


Female: Kim Burrell 

Male: Tye Tribett and Hezekiah Walker

9. Are you currently signed to any label?

? Negotiation currently ongoing

Iphone users, please download here

10. What do we expect to see from M-Ore in coming months/years?

Through the leading of the HolySpirit, I commenced an annual music concert tagged EPHPHATHA (Be Opened) targeted towards the reawakening & revitalizing of youths into their ministerial substance which the first edition held last year 2016 and the second edition (EPHPHATHA 2.0) is set to come up in few months time. 

In this coming year, my debut album would surface which by God’s grace is launching this ministry to more nations of the world. 

Also, in a couple of years from now, as service to God through humanity, I’ll be commencing a project tagged “Be A Friend”. Details coming up soon

11. Any message to upcoming gospel acts out there?

Love God, Trust His leading and enjoy your growth process… Its rewards are eternal!

It was indeed an awesome time with this songstress.

Other download site below:

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    • Debwritesblog
      April 24, 2017 / 7:12 pm

      It def is!

  1. Jeremiah
    November 3, 2017 / 9:04 am

    U see dz M-Ore gal ehn, she a clown o, beautiful voice, talented but so troublesome. She’s a gift to this generation, u r going places dear.
    Kudos Debs.

    • Akingboye Deborah
      November 3, 2017 / 9:05 am

      Thanks Jeremiah ?

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