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Don’t Be Scared to Say No

Home Lifestyle March 31, 2017 7 Comments

I really should have a category or series I call #Saloondiaries cos that’s what this post is basically about. Or I should go to the saloon more often because I always get inspired before leaving there or just as I’m leaving… Okay so this time around I said NO! I refused!!! And that feels like I’ve been to heaven and…

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5 Reasons You May Lose Your Job

Home Lifestyle March 27, 2017 7 Comments

  No job is permanent. It’s either you walk out on your own after attaining a better position or better offer or you choose to leave for further studies or your employment is terminated. While no one wishes for the latter, it is inevitable. Sometimes, people get fired for the wrong reasons, other times you signed your own fate with…

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African Prints in the Workplace

Home Personal Style March 8, 2017 8 Comments

Hey dears, long time no fashion post…I still need me a good camera and time to go to awesome locations to shoot.

A blogger friend of mine, Tolulope Ogunmekan started  a #pepperthemchallenge on Instagram which I participated in and I’m really glad I did. The idea behind the challenge was to state truthfully how much each of the items you wear costs.

The essence is to make others who feel very low about themselves and what they wear understand that you do not need to really look super expensive to fit in. All you need is to love yourself, appreciate what you have and walk with pride like a queen and you’d see people admiring you with great respect.

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Just before you date that blogger…

Blogging Tips Lifestyle Relationship March 7, 2017 5 Comments

I originally read this post on Immanuel’s blog and I could not resist a good laugh. Y’all should please check out his blog…he blogs about Faith, relationship and inspirational.

When I read this post, I felt like he was talking about me. I could connect with almost all of it and I commend bobo for still putting up with me after all these…So it’s this hard, chai!

Whether you’re a blogger yourself, dating a blogger, or are thinking of asking a blogger on a date…this is what you have in store.


A date isn’t JUST a date. It’s a blogging opportunity, an Instagram snap, some footage for a vlog, a snapchat story. Bloggers are constantly on the go, especially serious ones and a date isn’t going to stop that.

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