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Poetry: What Defines Boring?

Home Lifestyle Reviews February 22, 2017 3 Comments

They say I am boring

I may never know but I really do not care

Could be because I’m fine with my ‘boring’ life

But it makes me happy

I’m a bathroom Singer

I don’t miss Karaoke

I don’t even know how to start a twerk

Why should I bother about clubbing?

The second and last time I tried to,

I could not speak without shouting

The smoke choked me

And I was drunk after the first cup of Henny

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CyberBully and Personality Defamation 

Lifestyle February 16, 2017 0 Comments

It’s funny when I’m cyber bullied (anonymously) because when people do it to me, I don’t think of how much I want to hurt them or punch them in the face like my friends do…but I go on this site and write a quote to them back, hoping to kill them with kindness. – Ashley Jackson


20 Cyber Bullying Quotes That You Must Spread Right Now

How do people sleep at night after dropping a hateful comment on another person’s page?

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The 3rd Party Judgement

Blogging Tips Lifestyle Relationship February 8, 2017 6 Comments

So often we find ourselves judging others without even listening to their sides of the story. We judge others based on hearsay and assumptions. While I agree there’s an iota of truth in every rumor, we still need to give others a sense of doubt.

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Monthly Stocktaking…Welcome to February

Home February 4, 2017 4 Comments

Happy new month darlings…

My niece and I. She’s like my heart beat and we can so fight!

I’m still really trying to understand how I have just become so lazy these days. I literally get other things done but I don’t understand what is with me and blogging. I can’t seem to finish editing just one single post now. I guess this post will get me back on my feet.

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