Poetry: What Defines Boring?

They say I am boring

I may never know but I really do not care

Could be because I’m fine with my ‘boring’ life

But it makes me happy

I’m a bathroom Singer

I don’t miss Karaoke

I don’t even know how to start a twerk

Why should I bother about clubbing?

The second and last time I tried to,

I could not speak without shouting

The smoke choked me

And I was drunk after the first cup of Henny

I don’t mind slaving in the kitchen

All day

To make my favorite dishes

And eat while I watch my favorite series

And of course some horror and thriller movies

When I get tired of that which rarely happens 

Except I doze off

I read some good books

Or scribble like I’m doing now

The other day I tried to sit out

With friends over bottles of drinks 

I couldn’t drink

Just kept eating my fish pepper soup 

Laughing at their jokes and talk

And soon got bored

And became angry and nasty

It became irritating 

Life is good

With some good food

In your pajamas

Without make up and hooking a bra

Or bothered about how messy your hair looks now 

Or thinking of what next to add to the discussion

Who then say my life is boring?

I wouldn’t mind a good and educative show

Don’t just dare ask me to watch football

I wouldn’t mind some hiking and tourism

As long as I’m not out with bunch of retards

I don’t mind engaging in a good convo

As long as it’s profitable 

And not some petty and judgemental talk

How do you define boring?

How do you define not boring?

What makes a person boring?

And what makes a place boring?

What if I find what appeal to you boring?

That’s why we are different and construed in different ways.

I was forced to write this when someone looked at me and say my life is boring because my outfits are too serious and I don’t go anywhere other than church and office, that I occasionally hang out. Telling me I should live while I still can…Well, I am LIVING…in my own way!




  1. March 1, 2017 / 9:45 pm

    Nice post! Everything is sooo subjective. Often times I see my friends going out and doing activities that I think may be interesting but when I actually do it it’s not all that it’s wrapped up to be. I regret going and just spend the whole time waiting for it to be over. I mostly just enjoy the company of a few people at a time and prefer staying at home chilling.

    I guess I stopped caring and comparing when I realized that I don’t have anything to prove to anyone. It’s my life and I determine what makes me happy, not what others think should..if that makes sense. Lol

    • Debwritesblog
      March 1, 2017 / 9:54 pm

      It does make absolute sense and I believe everyone should just stay true to themselves and not do things just because other do same.

      Thanks for reading Pearl and leaving a comment.

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