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How to Say Goodbye to Acne Scars

Home Lifestyle October 7, 2019 4 Comments

Every woman knows the importance of having the right ingredients for our sacred skincare routine. From a cleanser that thoroughly purifies our faces to a topical treatment to cure those pesky pimples, properly equipping our skincare arsenal is a must for our battle against acne. However, the fight for clear skin is far from over, as we’re often left with…

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Body Odor || Tips To Avoiding and Reducing It

Lifestyle October 4, 2018 4 Comments

You had just passed by the room and everyone was laughing so beautifully, you decided this gist will not pass you by and you had entered the room. Suddenly, everyone stopped laughing and started leaving the room one by one until you were the last man standing. You noticed most were squeezing their nose as they left and you tried…

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4 Ways to Work A Little More Self Care Into Your Life

Guest Column Lifestyle July 24, 2018 2 Comments

Self care isn’t limited to spending so much money on yourself and traveling the world. It involves all those tiny little things we pay less attention to but they do matter. This could be as little as taking a deep breath, going for a walk, choosing whom you spend time with, laughing genuinely and quit worrying.  The idea of self…

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6 Home Decor Tips For New Couples

Lifestyle June 28, 2018 8 Comments

Home decor is one important aspect of every human. While a lot of people love dark tones, many would rather choose bright and colorful spaces. For someone like me, I used to be a colorful home kind of person but as I got older, I realize that colors doesn’t make a home, rather it is a function of how neat…

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5 Reasons You Are Always Broke

Lifestyle Personal Style June 7, 2018 41 Comments

Going broke is every human fear, it’s liken to an illness. It is no surprise that when people are broke, they tend to act so angry. A lot of people stay away from the public during such moment, some would even fall sick. The saddest thing about being broke is not that you are poor but from the fact that…

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