4 Ways to Work A Little More Self Care Into Your Life

4 Ways to Work A Little More Self Care Into Your Life

Self care isn’t limited to spending so much money on yourself and traveling the world. It involves all those tiny little things we pay less attention to but they do matter. This could be as little as taking a deep breath, going for a walk, choosing whom you spend time with, laughing genuinely and quit worrying.  The idea of self care is being kind to yourself as you would others.

It seems that as women, we are not allowed to appreciate or celebrate our bodies. Instead we are labeled as vain or arrogant or some other word that is meant to shame us for simply loving ourselves. But I see no reason I should have to hide myself away. I think it is so important to love my body and be proud of every part of myself. We all deserve to feel confident and sexy in our own skin and I for one, do everything I can to do so. I have listed below some ways I do incorporate self care into my life.

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Add some exercise into your routine

Yoga Self care

I have never been big on exercise. I’ve always been pretty active, but I’ve never been an avid gym goer or morning runner. Lately though, I’ve really started to see the benefits in adding a workout regimen into my lifestyle. Now, I’m not saying go crazy and attend CrossFit classes every day or compete in a triathlon but throwing a few hours per week into exercise is a huge benefit to my health and body confidence. I have especially taken a liking to yoga. I have found that it makes you feel stronger, sexier, and much more energetic throughout the day. Finding something that works for you that you can enjoy (as much as anyone can enjoy a workout) is as great for your mental health as it is for your physical health.

Find the balance between comfortable and sexy


For me, comfort is everything. I hate going through my day constantly tugging at my clothes or squirming around to get my bra straps to stop digging in. There is nothing that makes me feel worse than pants that make me feel like I’m being squeezed all day long or a bra that feels like a strait jacket. I have slowly but surely started to trade out my tight pants for more dresses, skirts, and looser bottoms. Until now, there haven’t been many comfortable bra options that still make me feel sexy and confident in my figure. However, lately I stumbled upon True & Co. and found the most adorable bras that are also easily the most comfortable ones I have ever owned. Just by making these small changes to my wardrobe, I feel so much better and more self-confident.

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Take some time to unwind

Self care massage therapy

Our lives are busier now than they have ever been. We are constantly connected to each other and the outside world via our cell phones, tablets, and computer screens, work tends to find its way home with us more often than not, and people are more stressed than ever before. It has become so important to take time away from all of that and just unwind. Lay on the couch and read a good book, get together with some girlfriends for a night out, or take a bubble bath with a glass of wine and your favorite music playing in the background. Whether you use your weekends to do this or simply take an hour at the end of the day/night, it is vital that we take a step back, relax, and let go of the stress and pressure of our lives.

Start a positivity journal

One of the things that has really helped me keep my mindset about myself and life in general on the positive side is a journal dedicated explicitly to positivity. I like to find at least 3 positive things from every day and write them down. In doing this, I am forcing myself to look at all of the good things about my life and myself. Writing down those things also gives me a chance to flex some brain muscles that I don’t get to use as often anymore. I spend a lot of time writing for the blog but that is all done from a keyboard. There is something about physically writing things down that just gets my brain moving in a way it usually doesn’t. Lastly, having the journal becomes a tangible reminder that I have so much to be grateful for every single day.

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It is so important to always celebrate the body I am in and do everything I can to keep my attitude about myself in a positive space. I know I am not the only one who struggles with staying body positive and keeping up with my self care and love practices. I know I will continue to struggle from time to time, but these are some of the best ways I have found to keep myself on the up and up.

What self care practice are you currently embracing? 

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  • Gift Collins July 25, 2018 10:17 am

    I totally agree to finding a balance between comfortable and sexy. Nothing says terrible day as much as being in uncomfortable clothes does.

    Amazing post Debs.

    • Akingboye Deborah July 25, 2018 11:07 am

      Uncomfortable clothing is the foundation of a bad day. Thanks for always leaving your thoughts, Gift.

      Heading over to your blog?

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