5 Ways To Unwind After A Long Week

5 Ways To Unwind After A Long Week

To unwind does not only revolve around an outdoor activity, rather it include healthy way one can feel re-energized and relax after a stressful activity or long period of time.

In cities like Lagos, Fridays are days a whole lot of 9-5 workaholics always look forward to. However in Abuja, the city is not that a busy place and you can definitely relax easily every other day if you are mobile. Even if you are not, feel free to use taxis to jump from one lounge to another, it is Uber affordable.

Unwinding does not necessarily mean going out to bars, lounge and expensive restaurants. It could even translate to the ability to fall asleep easily after a long day. The idea behind it is to take your mind off worries, work and even the stress of the week and relax. It could be as simple as sunbathing, picnic with your girls, yoga, or even a sit out over drinks.

If you have really had a tensed day, week or month, below are ways you can ease up:

#1: Be Friends With Nature

Natural environment have a way of making us forget about our worries. Especially if it is one that comes with less people present, all you see is the beautiful nature like plants, mountain, water that you have always under appreciated. Places like Millenium Park in Abuja comes with lots of cool shades you could just sit under while you stare at the sky, and you don’t have to spend a dime to enter. It could be a bit busy on weekends but weekdays are much freer. Just come with your mat and some food you can eat while you take a break from the worries of the world.

#2: Take A Shower

I do not think I am the only one who has this undying love for water. I can shower 100 times a day if I have the time not only because it makes me feel squeaky clean, it makes me feel better. When stressed, I stay under a cold shower. All I need is to allow the water seep in right through my hair down, thank God for natural hair. This has a way of making me feel much better than I was before the shower. So when next you feel so less energized and stressed, take a shower.

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#3: Unwind With Your BFFs 

Sometimes all you need is a sit out with your friends, not work friends or colleagues. Also, avoid friends that will add to your worries, rather find those that will make you laugh so hard after calling you silly names. Friends like Chioma and Sandra will definitely fit into this picture.

You could find a favorite spot to catch up at, you don’t need a fat purse to achieve this. You can share a plate of finger food with your best drink. As long as you understand that the idea is to feel better, then this should not be a bother.

unwind with the girls

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#4: Plan A Trip

It could just be that you are tired of the monotonous life of repeating the same activities over and over again. If this is how you feel, this is your cue to plan a trip with your partner or best friends. It could be within the same city, outside the city or even the country depending on how fat your pocket is.

#5: Stay Away From Electronics

One of the best way to unwind that we’ve never realized is a life off electronics. Our phones, social accounts, computer induces stress on its own. If you could take a day off all of these, read a good book, write out your worries, meditate, or dance to a good music in your solitude, it will do you some wonders.

Over to you amazing readers, how do you unwind? What’s your idea of relaxing and easing away stress. Don’t be a stranger, join the conversation. Cheers to a beautiful weekend and I hope Nigeria wins today’s match with Iceland.

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