Why Your Blog Needs A Mailing List

Why Your Blog Needs A Mailing List

Mailing list is one way to grow your blog and your subscribers. It is a sub list of an address book. Every blogger should endeavor to own one. I have always from the beginning of blogging had Mailchimp but never really tried to use it until some months ago. Why? The technicalities is a bit overwhelming if not properly guided. I actually kept reading and reading about it but the magic won’t just happen. I always get exhausted and will push till the next day which never comes.

Until I really pushed myself and decided to learn. I asked a few blogger friends, Life of Dammy to be precise and she took her time to teach me what to do. I practiced this well and let’s say I’m good at it now. While laziness once in a while happens (my instastory can tell, oh you don’t follow me on Instagram, why not? Just click on ), I always try to send out a newsletter once in a month.

Before I go into the basics of how to use a Mailing List, let’s explore the reason why you need it:

1. Newsletter affords you to have a closer relationship with your subscribers

It’s just like sending a group mail to your BFFs and getting different responses from them all. You can easily get a response, you can all get chatty and really familiar. It’s goes beyond people reading blog posts and just leaving a comment. You can receive the comment (could be a positive or negative criticism) directly.

2. You can turn your mailing list into your customers

When you have a new product to launch, they are the first set to hear about it and automatically they have been converted into your first customers. You could send a mail to them prior to sharing with your other readers about this product.

3. It Serves a Sort of On-boarding To New Subscribers

For new subscribers, you can use your newsletters to send them warm welcome messages and guide them through familiarizing with your blog and where to start from. Using Mailchimp, you can create an automation mail that automatically goes to your new subscribers. Automation are also set to go out when an action happens.

How to Use Newsletters/Your Mailing List

I use Mailchimp for my WordPress Account. While I know there are most likely more Newsletters plugins out there, I think Mailchimp is one that is quite compatible with WordPress and once you understand how to use it, it becomes easy.

1. Download the plugin.

Go to plugins, add new, search for Mailchimp, install and activate. Once activated, you’d be redirected to another tab where you get to register and log in.

2. After you’ve logged in, go to create forms.

This is what you get to add to your site so you start getting subscribers. Once a reader fill in their name and email, you have automatically made a friend out of a reader. Just like the HTML code I have inserted below where you can get to join my mailing list, you can add this to any section of your widget to start your mailing list.

Subscribe to our mailing list

3. You can use a Landing Page.

You can use this to collect email addresses in exchange for a giveaway or free download, or invite people to join your list by announcing a pre-sale. This is also a feature on Mailchimp.

4. Engage Your Subscribers.

Whether you have just 10, 100 0r 1000 people on your mailing list, do not neglect them. Find fun way to engage them in conversations via a mail. Do not restrict yourself to only reaching out to them when you have a post you want them to read. When you do that, they are no longer different from your regular blog readers.

5. Send Out Survey Emails To Them

Let them feel a sense of belonging when they receive your emails. Ask them survey questions on how you can serve them better, let them respond and adopt their opinion. If you’d do otherwise, explain in a post why you are not adopting theirs as it is an opinion poll.

6. Let Them In On Your Affiliate Success Story

If you’ve used an affiliate tool or course that works for you, share with them. Let them in on this as well, get them to scream, “we want to hear more” by clicking on some links that make you know they are interested. You can use Convertkit or Getresponse to achieve this.

Do you have a mailing list? How often do you send newsletters? Do you only send newsletters when you have a new post to share? What other tips would you add to the above? For more questions, leave a comment below or send me an email on


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    January 15, 2018 / 7:57 pm

    This was eye opening. Like you, not that I have not thought of it, it’s just overwhelming. But this post makes it look simple.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Akingboye Deborah
      January 15, 2018 / 8:09 pm

      It’s super overwhelming my dear. I only just try setting my automation email today and it took me almost 2 hours to figure out.

      I think what it entails is continuous practice until you understand.

      I’m glad you find the post helpful.

  2. tomi
    January 15, 2018 / 9:39 pm

    this is just amazing, i ll try it on my blog http://www.omidantomi.com

    • Akingboye Deborah
      January 15, 2018 / 9:40 pm

      Please do, glad you loved it Tomi

  3. Oluchi
    January 15, 2018 / 9:44 pm

    I tried to use it after installing the plugin when I moved into my domain last month. but guess what, after a few moves around it to fully understand the working (mailchimp) i got banned from using it henceforth. I can’t remember the exact error message it showed, but yea. My account is blocked and all.

    Idle head

    • Akingboye Deborah
      January 15, 2018 / 10:09 pm

      Oh dear, you could write to them in a mail about it and see if it could be unblocked.

  4. sharonpaula
    January 17, 2018 / 12:24 pm

    This was really helpful.. You’ve inspired me

    • Akingboye Deborah
      January 17, 2018 / 12:31 pm

      Thanks for the lovely comment, Sharon. I’m glad I did

  5. January 18, 2018 / 7:02 pm

    I need to get a hang of Mailchimp one of the things I’m procrastinating. Well done waiting on your newsletter!

    • Akingboye Deborah
      January 18, 2018 / 7:04 pm

      Thanks dear. I could put you through though. I always procrastinate on sending it out too but I hope to get over that this year. It can really be overwhelming

  6. Mide
    January 19, 2018 / 4:50 pm

    Super super helpful Debs! This is something that has been on my mind for a while, I’ll be putting these tips to great use.
    Thank you!


    • Akingboye Deborah
      January 19, 2018 / 4:51 pm

      I’m glad it does, dear. Please put it to use and you’d see amazing results

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