How To Make Traveling With Kids Less of a Nightmare

How To Make Traveling With Kids Less of a Nightmare

I traveled over the Christmas holiday to spend quality time with the family and friends. As it’s my usual traveling style, I was late for boarding and had to walk-run . As I was caught in between this rush, I saw a woman with 3 kids, battling with buying tickets, check in with 3 handful kids and at the same time pulling her handbag so it doesn’t fall off her arm.

I shook my head. We were scheduled for the same flight, I couldn’t but help her with one of the kids to ease her wahala while she quickly checked in and we race in to board.

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She sat ahead of me and all through the trip I kept telling myself I’m never traveling with kids. They were too restless, noisy and kept asking for everything and more. I felt bad for her. But can you avoid this? No! What can you do to ease it?

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1. Have a Traveling Pack Checklist

Even as an adult, I start packing for any trip like 2 weeks before. It is important to have a checklist of what you intend to travel with. Hence it helps you avoid last minute rush. When traveling with kids, you can have your box ready 3 to 4 weeks before and tick off once you fill in the item in your bag.

2. Never Buy Your Ticket At The Airport

Buying your ticket at the airport when you have kids is one nightmare you’d never pray to have. Always book your tickets ahead. This keeps you informed and very prepared about your trip. You also keep resounding the dates and time to your kids, to keep them excited and ready. Aside this, it saves you flight cost. I always advise that you always make sure to compare flights cost and go for cheap flights to save extra money for more expense.

3. Book a morning flight

Morning flight are usually less crowded and you can avoid the risk of delays. When flights are unnecessarily delayed, kids become restless and can become too handful. In addition, once you take off, most kids sleep off for the next few hours given you ample time to get yourself together until they are up.

4. Dress Your Kids in Comfortable Clothings

Avoid shoes with laces in the event of screening troubles where you have to unlace and relace their shoes. Also avoid thick clothings incase the weather becomes unbearable. But make sure to have sweatshirts handy should it become unbearably cold.

5. Check in Online

To avoid going through unnecessary queue with a hand full of kids and extra luggage, check in online in the comfort of your home and just walk in to check in your bags and go through security.


6. Carry a Bag Filled With Distractions

You’d never know with these kids. They can suddenly become hyper just because they forget Superman or Barbie doll at home. Just remember to have a bag handy, filled with their favorite toys, color books and writing pads they can easily scribble away on.

7. Book or Request the Back Seat

This will save you the trouble of walking all the way down each time your kid needs to pee. Also, you’d have less people to disturb. If you are on flights to USA, you should expect more of this. The amount of time they’d require to use the restroom will baffle you. Try to make them avoid sugary foods to save running stomach drama and hyperactivity.

Here’s an infographic from TravelStart, it should be helpful.

8. Enjoy the Journey

You have earned this journey, please sit back and enjoy it. Just be happy and do not panic. Your kids would do just fine.

Ever traveled with kids or seen someone in similar situations? How did you overcome it? What other tips would you love to add? Do join the discussion

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  1. March 7, 2018 / 5:37 am

    Traveling with kids that was a very difficalt challenge for any parents. Kids is so disturbing. Some kids are naver listen your talk.So Get prepared. There you share some tips for traveling with kids. That was so helpful. Many parents can not follow this site .But that was very important for any one. your tips help this parents those kids are so carzy.

    • Akingboye Deborah
      March 7, 2018 / 7:01 am

      Thanks David.

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