How to Market Your Small Business to a Wider Audience

How to Market Your Small Business to a Wider Audience

A small business doesn’t necessarily mean a very tiny source of income. What this means is that it is more like a side hustle or a growing enterprise. This means it cannot be compared to a large corporations like Glo, Dangote, Zara, and related businesses. Hence, the bulk of the job rest solely on you as the creative director or sole entrepreneur of this business.

In the business world of today, we have seen lots of small business grow into a successful enterprise. This cannot be made possible until one has put in so much work and effort into it. And one of the ways to achieve this is through intense marketing. Marketing your small business doesn’t necessarily have to be so expensive. There are a good number of ways you can genuinely reach a wider audience if you position yourself strategically.


7 Guides to Market Your Small Business to a Wider Audience

1: Socialize on Social Media

The world is fast becoming a global village and technology has made it so easy to reach millions of people outside your world. Let’s imagine you’ve always been someone who makes lots of sales offline as a small business. Then you realize there’s more ways to do this online and decided to explore your options.

Now, understand you don’t have a social media presence before now. The first thing you will need to do is to be noticed. First, you need to identify your target audience and then become a good noise maker on their pages. If you do this, chances are they will get curious one day and check out your page. Also, you have a very good chance at getting their followers to notice you and your potential customers may likely be one of them.

The good news is that social media works like an infinite circle. Once you get noticed by just one person and they get thrilled by your service; referrals and mentions from them will make you become even more popular. Try to push all these across all the popular social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Pinterest, LinkedIn and any others you prefer and use hashtags where necessary.

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2: Create Valuable Content

These days, images and content catches attention faster than the product itself. People wants to read an answer to questions that are bothering them. One of the ways to do this is to share quality images first to get their attentions and a post that educates, enlighten or answer their questions.

Tap Image to Shop

The more you do this, the higher the chances of people always coming back to your page, and sharing your content to their audience too. Also, ensure you build a brand that speaks what you stand for. What do you want people to know your brand for: color, objectives, services? Ensure you project all these on your page and through your content.

3: Boost Your Posts Through Ads

Ads are cheap ways of promoting your small business to a wider audience. Many times, I have promoted my side business, Debs Clothier, through Facebook and Instagram ads and the result has always been amazing. I have gotten lots of contacts, requests and sales from there as well. You can get to do an ads for as low as N199 which runs for a day.

All you need to get this done is to have an Instagram and Facebook page and a functional Nigerian card. I use a UBA card for mine and it works quite well. Some Nigerian cards are not working with these ads, hence, it is important to confirm if your banks work well with it.

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4: Network and Attend Offline Events

Online marketing alone does not get the job done and you need to leverage on offline contacts too. To achieve this, you need to find out events around you like trade fair, seminars, conferences, shows and attend them. Ensure you do not stop at just attending, rather share your business cards with other people, have a conversation with them and sell yourself.

There are chances that one of the people at this event needs or knows someone who needs your product or services. Do not be discouraged if you did not get an immediate response from them, chances are that they do not need you yet. I remember telling someone about my business late last year and the response almost made me cry as it was so discouraging. Today, this same person is one of my loyal customers and has sent more referrals to me.

Small Business Owner


Cowboy Vibe

Setting up your Small Businesses and reaching a wide audience

5: Contests, Giveaways, Collaborations

If you can do all these 3, you have successfully made your mark on the sand of online marketing. Otherwise, you can chose to do any of these from time to time. Work with influencers and content creators who have built a niche around your product and services. You can achieve this by either giving them your products for free for an honest review or ask them to use their platforms for a giveaway of your products. Also, you can work with other brands for giveaways of their items, that way, you are giving your page more visibility.

You can also run contests on your on page and pick the a winner or two. These are little ways you are giving your brand more visibility.

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6: Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

For most small business ideas you currently run or plan to start, there’s likely someone else doing same or something similar. You do not want to get entangled in the web of ‘stealing my concept or idea’, hence it is best to stay ahead of your competitor.

Study the market well and find out what your competitors are lacking in or not doing right, leverage on this and use it to build your small business. It could be customer service, good quality, pricing, packaging, or brand general perception.

As a small business owner, try to stay on top of all these by asking your customers for reviews and working on them as much as you can.

7: Offer Coupons

Do you have loyal customers who have always come back to buy from you or refer friends? These ones deserves a coupon from you. Studies reveal that when people receive coupons either from percentage of accumulated purchases or just a cash back, chances are they will return to make more purchases. That way, you are expanding your customer base and likely attracting new ones.

Finally, every business have diverse ways it can grow itself outside these points and there’s no single guaranteed ways. Never stop researching on ways to grow your small business and expand your client base. Ask questions, meet people, be nice to your customers and also ensure you are staying as visible as possible.

What other tip has worked for your over the years and what other ways would you add to these? If you have any small business, feel free to sell yourself in the comment section, your potential customer may be reading.

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