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How To Style A Short Dress and Be Confident

Personal Style January 23, 2019 18 Comments

I have once been embarrassed over a short dress and ever since, I have avoided it like a plague. If I am ever going to wear a short dress, I always ensure that there’s a free ride to and fro. And that the environment is one such an outfit can fly without judgmental looks.  However, if you always consider what…

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How to Deal With a Perfectionist || Matching Power Suit & Sneaker

Lifestyle Personal Style Relationship November 21, 2018 15 Comments

A perfectionist is used to having things done their way, it freaks them out when you make mistake or mess up their work. They are quick to believe they can do things better without anyone, hence it’s always difficult to work with them.

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Restyling A Vintage Dress: Casual Sporty to a Classy Look

Home Personal Style September 22, 2018 7 Comments

Vintage clothing can be haute couture or quality mainstream fashion labels; it can be used, new, manufactured, or handmade. When I hear Vintage dress or clothing, I first think of used clothes, retro clothes or just clothes from the past. A lot of times, vintage clothing could just mean what the speaker intends it to mean. The amazing part about wearing…

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Nigerian Brands Review: Styling Desire1709Fashion

Personal Style Reviews August 20, 2018 17 Comments

Nigerian Brands are gradually saturating the Nigeria Fashion industry with locally made fashion pieces. Prior to this time, most fashion brands would prefer to retail foreign pieces.

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Culottes Pants For Plump Sized Ladies

Personal Style July 28, 2018 10 Comments

Culottes pants are more like palazzo pants except that they are cut out to stop just below your knees. Unlike palazzo pants that flows all the way to your feet, these ones are made to show off your lovely long legs. Until you start walking, people may think you are wearing a skirt which is quite funny in a way.…

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