Chemical Peel Facials at Body Organics Skin Food

Beauty Home January 23, 2020 4 Comments

The first time I heard about Chemical peels was when I went for a facial session at Body Organics. Okay, that is too fast. Happy new year guys. Who missed me? I totally miss everyone of my readers here but the tech life got into my love for writing and made me almost abandon this baby that turned 4years on…

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A Round up of My Skincare Routine

Beauty Reviews October 3, 2019 10 Comments

My skincare routine didn’t start because I had time or love to take care of my skin. I remember when I went so bare about my acne story both on the blog and on my Instagram. My skincare journey has totally been a mess from time immemorial and this has always affected my self esteem. Imagine having friends and acquaintances…

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My Acne Story: Body Organic Haul & Different Products I Tried

Beauty August 9, 2018 25 Comments

There are some moments in life, certain things would happen to you and everyone you know will suddenly become a seasoned expert at these things. This could range from pregnancy, menstruation, passing an exam, being a mother, starting a new job, unmarried at 30, or dealing with acne. When my acne became fully blown and very visible, almost every human…

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