Chemical Peel Facials at Body Organics Skin Food

Beauty Home January 23, 2020 4 Comments

The first time I heard about Chemical peels was when I went for a facial session at Body Organics. Okay, that is too fast. Happy new year guys. Who missed me? I totally miss everyone of my readers here but the tech life got into my love for writing and made me almost abandon this baby that turned 4years on…

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Bizfest 2019: Scale Your Business with Technology

Guest Column Home Lifestyle November 5, 2019 0 Comments

Have you heard about Bizfest? Google Business Group (GBG) Yaba is set to host the largest gathering of Startup founders, SME owners, business executives, developers and entrepreneurs in Yaba. Google Business Groups (GBGs) are independent community-led groups formed by passionate business professionals and company owners. With the aim to share knowledge about Google products and web technologies for local business…

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5 Guides to Creating a Luxury Home in a Small Apartment

Home Lifestyle October 11, 2019 10 Comments

A luxury home is something you allow your personal space be depending on the kind of person you are. You are either a prim and proper kind of home owner or someone who care less how their space looks. Personally, I have always dream of a luxury home I can call mine. There was even a time I wanted to…

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How to Say Goodbye to Acne Scars

Home Lifestyle October 7, 2019 4 Comments

Every woman knows the importance of having the right ingredients for our sacred skincare routine. From a cleanser that thoroughly purifies our faces to a topical treatment to cure those pesky pimples, properly equipping our skincare arsenal is a must for our battle against acne. However, the fight for clear skin is far from over, as we’re often left with…

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How to Market Your Small Business to a Wider Audience

Home Lifestyle Personal Style September 23, 2019 5 Comments

A small business doesn’t necessarily mean a very tiny source of income. What this means is that it is more like a side hustle or a growing enterprise. This means it cannot be compared to a large corporations like Glo, Dangote, Zara, and related businesses. Hence, the bulk of the job rest solely on you as the creative director or…

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