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I had always known Jenny to be a goal getter, focused and determined. She is not one who easily gets swayed by material things. She loves living well and comfortable- don’t get me wrong but she’s always satisfied with what she can get. Imagine my surprise when I saw her driving a jalopy car the last time I visited Lagos. I had engaged Ruby in an amebo during one of our girls’ outing while waiting for Jenny to start the car, as to why she could not have been patient enough to get herself a posh car knowing that she earns enough to afford one. Ruby smiled and told me her life had changed since she downloaded the Snapchat App.

This is really getting interesting. What has Snapchat got to do with a rickety old car? Ruby took her time to explain.

‘Imagine opening your Snapchat and seeing your friends dabbing and dancing to Ycee’s Jagaban and chopping mouth to Drake’s Hot Bling in their own or some rich boyfriend’s car. Viewing their snaps on Friday in their hot short dresses going clubbing and getting high on shisha and then coming back to their beautiful bedroom that is all pinky and beautiful on Saturday morning to get some rest.’


‘Well, she has to get that car she can afford so she can do snapvideos playing R n B on her way to and fro work.’

‘But the car is not even presentable!’

‘No one can know. You need to see the interiors, you will think it’s a G-Wagon she’s driving. And she now clubs almost every Friday.’ read more

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