Wrong Choices

Art Relationship Reviews October 17, 2016 4 Comments

‘You are going to be a father’

‘No! No baby, not yet. We are not ready’

He panicked

She cried

He managed to convince her how the child is coming at the wrong time

They are still in school

And still rely on their parents for survival

It can’t happen now

She agreed

The child was not given a chance to decide its fate

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From the Archives: The Night

Lifestyle Reviews September 9, 2016 0 Comments

I am back again with another post from my archives. This was written in 2011. After reading this, I really wonder what was going through my mind as I penned this down…I really wish… Souls moan in anguish of our cruelty Hens return to roost The goats stop bleating Birds cease to fly Men retire to their bosom And lovers…

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Open Letter #1: To My Favorite Teacher

Lifestyle Reviews September 2, 2016 12 Comments

After reading Josephyna post on My Favorite Teacher, it evolved nostalgic memories about growing up and my mind raced back to the teachers I have met in my life and the one I have tagged my favorite teacher is Rotimi Ilesanmi.

Dear Mr Ilesanmi,

It has been how many years now??? Should be 8 years since I last saw you. I was home for the holidays in my first year at the University. How we managed to see, I cannot remember now but we met at the new school you have been transferred to. We caught up on how life has treated us since we last saw 3 years after my high school graduation. It was a beautiful reunion. And yes I still learnt something from you that day: Persistence is the sustainable key to success.

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From the Archives

Reviews August 25, 2016 11 Comments

Over the weekend, I was cleaning my bookshelf and putting away old books so I can find space for new ones. And I stumbled on my poem anthology from way back. I opened and read and I was so nostalgic. Thanks to the fact that I dated some, I wouldn’t have been able to recollect what inspired them. It felt really cool reading your own piece from way back. I would be sharing some of these. Most of it are love inspired…please don’t laugh at me o and pardon any typos you see as I would be sharing unedited…

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Who ‘Vision’ Epp?

Relationship Reviews July 25, 2016 18 Comments
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Can we stop already with this vision, dreams, imagination, hallucination, delusions, and sicknesses aftermath or whatever name you choose to call eet? Like I don’t quite understand anymore? What do we even take God for? He is not a bell button that you just push to answer to your tune!

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