Don’t Pressure Him for Marriage!

Home Relationship January 14, 2017 16 Comments

After a long discussion…

Colleague: By the way, are you married?

Me: ? Ah no

Colleague: But why?

Me: What kind of question is this? How am I suppose to answer why I’m not yet married?<< lleague: noticed my hesitation… But you will soon, right?

Me: Well, yeah…this year or next…

Colleague: But how come you are not sure?

Me: ??now this is getting really interesting… Well, for one, bobo is marrying me not the other way round. Plus two, what if we are both not financially ready yet?

Colleague: My dear, you are not supposed to wait for him to be ready. Men are never ready. You are suppose to push him until he is ready. And on the financial ish, get married and see doors opening for you…

Me : I looked at him, shook my head, stood up and walked away… Some of you will say my feminist and faithless side is coming alive.

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PDA- Support or Not?

Blogging Tips Home Relationship January 8, 2017 4 Comments

Hey darlings. Another day, another blessing!


PDA simply means Public Display of Affection. In a layman’s language, it means showing off your relationship on social media. The essence of today’s post is to ask if it’s something to be embraced or not and to here your view on it.

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The Unseen Scars

Relationship November 3, 2016 1 Comments


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I have heard and read quite a number of abuse in relationships and marriage. The stories are really pathetic and you begin to wonder how these people find themselves in this and still choose to stay.


Before I go further, are you aware abuse is not just limited to physical beating?
According to “Abuse is a pattern of behavior used to gain and maintain power and control, and it can come in many forms.”

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Introducing The Fuckboys #1

Relationship October 29, 2016 3 Comments

We live in an age where everything is staged Where all we do is fake our feelings – Jon Bellion When I tell people I have eyes everywhere, most of them laugh but I actually do see a lot. Anyway, I have been meaning to do a series of blog posts on this fuckboy or demonizing thing guys do these…

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Lies Women Tell

Relationship October 27, 2016 21 Comments

  After reading Debonairng posts on Common Lies Nigerian Men Tell, I thought, “Well, not only men lies, women do too.”   And I have put up a few, you can add yours after reading. And where you disagree with me, please mention…lols…Let’s get to it, shall we?   He means nothing, we are just friends When a lady says this,…

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