Wrong Choices

Art Relationship Reviews October 17, 2016 4 Comments

‘You are going to be a father’

‘No! No baby, not yet. We are not ready’

He panicked

She cried

He managed to convince her how the child is coming at the wrong time

They are still in school

And still rely on their parents for survival

It can’t happen now

She agreed

The child was not given a chance to decide its fate

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Hold a Girl Down

Art Relationship October 1, 2016 3 Comments

Hello handsome,

I guess you are beginning to get tired of trying


Trying so hard at pleasing them all

But your charm is shallow

She doesn’t need you telling her about your exs

Or how low you earn

She doesn’t need to hear about your sexual prowess all the time

You can’t even take her out on a date

Without blabbing all about your life

You need to up your game

And learn how to hold a girl down

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Who ‘Vision’ Epp?

Relationship Reviews July 25, 2016 18 Comments
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Can we stop already with this vision, dreams, imagination, hallucination, delusions, and sicknesses aftermath or whatever name you choose to call eet? Like I don’t quite understand anymore? What do we even take God for? He is not a bell button that you just push to answer to your tune!

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Dating a Writer

Lifestyle Relationship Reviews July 7, 2016 17 Comments

There’s no better joy than when your writings are appreciated or when someone can actually refer to a line of your midnight musings and say, ‘Oh that part made me feel so special.’


The beauty of art is in appreciation.


I was having this thought about the beauty of a  writer dating a writer the other night, and I tried searching for pictures that fit this. I was really shocked when I saw loads of pros and cons about the benefit and pain of dating a writer. read more

Who is your friend?

Relationship June 20, 2016 4 Comments

This morning, my sister was trying to tell me she ran into the taxi guy that drove me once and she was like, ‘Ha, I saw your friend yesterday and I asked him why he hasn’t been coming around.’ My mind did a quick search around the few people I call my friends and the number of those that knows where I stay. I couldn’t figure out one and I was forced to ask, ‘Which friend?’ Imagine my shock when she said, ‘Your cab guy na.’ I had to tell her there and there that he is not my friend.

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