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The Blog is Back and My E-Book Review “Fading Away”

Art Blogging Tips Reviews August 22, 2017 6 Comments

Hello darlings, I know I have been away for too long. This is not the intention, I can’t even type straight without feeling so bad about it. I would give you heads up in future. A million thank you to Lara Oseni for checking up on me, I can’t believe you noticed. I just stumbled on her blog like a month ago and she realized I have stopped posting and she reached out. It means a lot, dear.

So this post is going to be in like 3 parts because I would not like to bore you all with details about me in one post. It can really get long even when the intention is not to make it long.

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Changes: Interview with Oreoluwa Daramola M-ORE

Blogging Tips Guest Column Home Lifestyle April 24, 2017 5 Comments

Hello DebsCorner reader, I trust it has been an awesome month so far? I have been MIA for a few days because I have been having fun without you 🙂 Sorry but that wasn’t the intention, a girl gotta unwind away from all the seriousness once in a while. It was one of such moments.


Moments like this should be explored sometimes cos it would make you reflect on things you are missing out on and things you really should do. It was during such moments I manage to figure out a few changes that will be effected on the blog. 


You’d notice I did a few adjustment with the theme and tagline. Well, more changes will come. When you want so much and aren’t a tech-savvy, you keep exploring and exploring until you get it right.

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