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How To Build Your Brand Or Network || The Vintage Scarf Trend

Blogging Tips Lifestyle November 13, 2017 4 Comments

Brand and Network in recent times goes hand in hand. In a recent post, I talked about Branding And Networking  after attending The Bloggers Point Brunch. A whole lot of us have brands but we have failed to build it. We complain about how it has remain stagnant and lacks growth but how much of our time and money do we put into watching it grow from a baby to an adult. Your brand is who you are, it represents you. Whatever you will do to yourself to help you grow, apply same to your brand.

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Branding And Networking || The Bloggers Point Brunch Abuja

Blogging Tips Home Lifestyle Reviews September 8, 2017 4 Comments


Branding is an essential key to a successful blog growth. Every blogger has its own unique niche. However some bloggers only venture into starting up without having any long term goal but just because others are blogging.

Blogging for me started as a way to reaching out with other writers, sharing my experience and connecting with people who have experienced same and sharing a host of other things especially my musings. Little did I know that blogging goes beyond writing. Your blog name is your brand, your identity and your trademark. What you stand for is what readily comes to the mind of people when they hear your brand name. Branding your blog to your style and taste is what makes you different.

When I read some blog excerpts, I can immediately reference a blogger or two who must have written it. That goes to say their brand has been imprinted in my heart.

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