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4 Lessons Mathematics Taught Me

Lifestyle March 1, 2018 16 Comments

Growing up, I dread the sound of the word ‘mathematics’. It was like the green-eyed monster we hear about, seen pictures of but never met, yet always hunting kids in their dreams. I see it as the worst nightmare every child have to face. It was a huge fear and I literally dread any exams that involves calculations of any…

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2018: Facing Your Fears

Home Lifestyle January 1, 2018 13 Comments

Happy new year darlings. It’s about that time of the year where new year resolutions start flying everywhere on social media and a whole lot of recaps. I always look forward to these recaps as it’s helpful and one can pick lessons from others mistakes and lessons. A good friend recently wrote a book and it’s a free download where…

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Insecurity in Relationships

Blogging Tips Relationship April 26, 2017 11 Comments

Most bad behaviour comes from insecurity -Debra Winger

It’s quite easy for him to love you to a fault and still not trust you. Very possible. It’s actually not because he doesn’t want to trust you but because he is super insecure in the relationship. Ladies feel insecure too but I’m going to focus on insecure men in relationships cos I’ve experienced a few and it makes me to understand how the other party feels.

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