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7 Tips To Making New Friends In a New City

Lifestyle Personal Style July 4, 2019 10 Comments

Making new friends as an adult, especially in a new city can be a herculean task. Factors like being anti social, introverted or extremely busy can contribute to making this a huge task. For most of our life growing up, it’s quite easy to have friends and get along with people. Meeting new friends back then was quite easy like…

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The Importance of Friendship || A Date At Kung Fu Chinese Restaurant, Abuja

Lifestyle Reviews October 16, 2018 22 Comments

Friendship for me has always been about bond and mutual relationship. I can keep a friend for years except our interest stop aligning. This is one of the major reasons friendship becomes a tale of the past. I’ve kept friends for more than 20 years and up till date we are still as close as family. I don’t even see…

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Hold on, don’t be quick to say it…

Lifestyle November 27, 2016 0 Comments

Hey darlings, trust you had a great weekend? Mine wasn’t so bad. A few runarounds and loads of rest in between.   Women… Ladies… Girls… I am here again for us. Let’s have a quick real discussion please. We really need to keep our anger in check. I mean think very deeply before condemning others. This happened to me and…

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Letting Go

Lifestyle September 15, 2016 6 Comments

So many times in our lives, we hold on tight to the most mundane thing we ought to let go.
The only reason we find ourselves holding on to this is because we lack the strength to let go. A bad habit you wish to stop but feel you cannot, a friend that keeps bringing you down, that toxic relationship that keeps tearing you apart piece by pieces, that terrible job that keeps you away from achieving milestones in life, that particular course you find no joy in doing but have to because your parent decide you must do it, that abusive marriage that will one day take your life if you don’t walk away soon…

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Who is your friend?

Relationship June 20, 2016 4 Comments

This morning, my sister was trying to tell me she ran into the taxi guy that drove me once and she was like, ‘Ha, I saw your friend yesterday and I asked him why he hasn’t been coming around.’ My mind did a quick search around the few people I call my friends and the number of those that knows where I stay. I couldn’t figure out one and I was forced to ask, ‘Which friend?’ Imagine my shock when she said, ‘Your cab guy na.’ I had to tell her there and there that he is not my friend.

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