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How to Market Your Small Business to a Wider Audience

Home Lifestyle Personal Style September 23, 2019 5 Comments

A small business doesn’t necessarily mean a very tiny source of income. What this means is that it is more like a side hustle or a growing enterprise. This means it cannot be compared to a large corporations like Glo, Dangote, Zara, and related businesses. Hence, the bulk of the job rest solely on you as the creative director or…

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8 Guides To Becoming A Successful Entrepreneur

Lifestyle January 19, 2019 18 Comments

Not everyone is designed to quit their job and become an entrepreneur. In fact, not everyone is built to becoming an entrepreneur because it is not an everybody thing. Entrepreneurship will look all rosy and easy from the outside until the day you delve right in and the sleepless nights begin. It is not a task for the faint-hearted or…

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