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DIY: Way Forward in this Recession?

Blogging Tips Lifestyle January 19, 2017 13 Comments

Hello darlings, I will start this post with a recent encounter of mine at the salon.


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Last week, I was at the salon to wash and weave my hair. I actually decide to wash at the salon because my conditioner finished and I got a leave in conditioner instead of a conditioner, blame it on impatience. I sat down, yanked my wig off while waiting for the lady to come and start loosing my weaves. On second thought, I decided to ask how much it will cost me. Already, I felt it shouldn’t exceed N1,000 or N1,500 – natural salon can sometimes be a bit pricey than the usual salon.

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Should I do Repairs in a Rented Apartment?

Lifestyle January 10, 2017 13 Comments

Hello darlings, trust you are having a good day?


Please if you left a comment on the Giveaway post shared yesterday, kindly do so again. I actually woke up to comments and I approved all of them only to find out none was posted. They all disappeared, to be honest…and the sad part was that I did not even read through all to know who sent what, I only peeped a few. So please leave your comments again.


So the other day, I was having a chit chat with big sis and she was concerned about some home repairs that needs fixing. I told her to tell the landlord who she said she has told numerous times but failed to complied. She has however resolved to fix it with her own cash.

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When the Pad (Tampon) Goes Off

Lifestyle December 27, 2016 5 Comments

They say the best feeling in the world is when the bra goes off. I agree with this 100% but there’s another best feeling in the world…when the pad goes off!!!

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Letter to the Girl Next Door

Art Home November 23, 2016 8 Comments

The blogsphere is indeed a different world on its own when you meet the right people. I can’t even remember how I stumbled on Mystique Dammy‘s blog. I have been an ardent follower of hers since then. When I moved from my wordpress hosted site to my self hosted site, I had some challenges with the plugins ish. I was even forced to decide to delete my old account so I can focus on the new one. Almost as soon as I shared that post, Dammy buzzed me on Instagram and advised I leave the account. I told her about the challenges I was facing and she guided me patiently on how to go about it. Darling, I cannot thank you enough…It worked! Currently, I have successfully moved all my old account followers to the new one. I still can’t believe I did that on my own with the help of Dammy…I really need to learn to be patient tho, lols. 

letter to the girl next door

Today’s post was inspired by a girl I follow on Snapchat, I do not know her personally but one way or the other we stumbled on each other’s handle. Her weird snap stories has pushed me to put this up and reach out to other girls like her. I hope she sees this and others too would and learn.


Dear Tommy,
You disrespected mom again! Just because she asked you to wash the dishes and blend the pepper for dinner. I guess that’s not too much of a mother to ask from her own daughter.

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Staying Relevant Goes Beyond Looks

Lifestyle October 20, 2016 6 Comments

Hello Debwritesblog lovers, I’m here again. Fourth post in a week and it feels so good. That feeling to be inspired and share is second to none *well, only a writer will understand that part*? We pray for more inspiration, no more writer block and the time to share, Amen??

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