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Don’t Be Scared to Say No

Home Lifestyle March 31, 2017 7 Comments

I really should have a category or series I call #Saloondiaries cos that’s what this post is basically about. Or I should go to the saloon more often because I always get inspired before leaving there or just as I’m leaving… Okay so this time around I said NO! I refused!!! And that feels like I’ve been to heaven and…

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Saying No

Lifestyle October 18, 2016 1 Comments

I used to feel terrible whenever I say No to someone. I feel I am being rude and I have hurt someone’s feelings. I feel more terrible when I have to ignore the person so I can avoid turning them down to their face. Most times, I realized I end up hurting myself more than the person I’m scared to hurt. Because eventually, I discover what I have accepted to do, I cannot carry through.

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