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How To Style A Short Dress and Be Confident

Personal Style January 23, 2019 18 Comments

I have once been embarrassed over a short dress and ever since, I have avoided it like a plague. If I am ever going to wear a short dress, I always ensure that there’s a free ride to and fro. And that the environment is one such an outfit can fly without judgmental looks.  However, if you always consider what…

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One of My Most Embarrassing Day: On A Short Dress

Home Lifestyle Personal Style October 19, 2017 10 Comments

I really miss public transport shenanigans. It has come to become my source of biggest inspiration. Or let’s say most time my introvert nature will make me plug my ears listening to the loudest music and ignoring every other person in the car. But this morning, I couldn’t help but pause my music as every other person attention was focused…

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