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Wack Communication Begets a No-Relationship

Relationship February 16, 2016 16 Comments

Ever read some chats and you get so angry you won’t even think of a response?

You had just met this guy and you are still trying to weigh him if he is worth your time or not. Your relationship is just in its DM stage and he goes like-
“Hello”- This is now recurrent especially to start a conversation.
“Good morning” –It is obviously morning.
“How are you?” – What will you do if I am not fine?
“How was your night?” – You asked me this yesterday and the day before and the answer has been fine.
“Did you sleep well?” – Oh no, you just asked me how my night was!
“What’s for breakfast?” – Are you bringing me food?
“What are you doing at the moment?” – I am not jobless Mr! So I am definitely working at the moment.
“You did not even bother to check up on me?” – Do I have to everyday??? To prove what? Pretend to you that I care?
“When can I call you?”- Can you use commonsense here please? read more

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