I Am Over You by Tomiwo Akinyemi

I am over you
Your scent turns my stomach
It sends a strong anger down my spine
The sight of you makes me wish
I had a laser in my eyes
I am over you
When I am drowning I stay afloat
The rage I feel is like a molten magma
That cannot be crushed
I am over you
Your presence is like a shadow
Devoid of meaning and purpose
Every nook and cranny
Is filled with memory regrets
Of the worthlessness I pursued
I am over you
Your closeness to my proximity
Makes my heart go into a vegetative state
Filled with regrets of the time
I had spent with you
Who are you kidding?
Tomiwo Akinyemi blogs at MarkTaum. This is one of his yet to be published poetry collection.

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