My One Chance ‘Near Scam’ Experience

Let me first say a big thank you to all the people who have shared their experience about One Chance (A Nigerian slang for people who tried to fraud others with their cabs). I’m glad I have listened and read all of these stories and it has helped me understand how these people operates.


And a very big thank you to God who still got my back big time!



I boarded this cab which has the driver, a passenger in front and another dirty looking passenger behind. I entered to joined the man behind.

We had just gone about 5km when the man I sat with said the driver should stop as he wants to alight. The driver has not even stopped before this man said, ‘you’d need to open your booth for me so I can carry my load.’

The driver replied, ‘Which load?’


‘I have a luggage filled with my clothes.’



Next thing, the driver pulled over and said, ‘But I was asking when other passengers alighted at Lugbe that whose loads are these. You never said anything and the passengers that alighted earlier went with it.’

On a good day, if a driver tells me someone else mistakenly took my own kaya (Hausa word for load) my first reaction will be to scream my vocal cords out.

But this passenger’s response was to say, ‘I’m sorry I did not respond when you asked earlier’
That moment, I knew something was wrong.


Then the driver turned to the passenger sitting beside him and say, “Can you believe this man carried a box filled with dollar notes?”


And the so-called man started confessing when he was not even being interrogated.


“Errrrm, no be so. I do plenty work for my oga and he no gree pay me. Na hin I vex carry hin money run”



The stories about One Chance I have heard where beginning to add up. At this stage, everyone was talking at the same time. Thank God the driver hasn’t moved and I was sitting close to the door. I just quietly open the door and alighted. The driver who has been eyeing my reactions to the whole drama now gave me the,”Why are you coming down?” look.



In my mind, I was like before these drama gets too spiritual and I become too involved…it’s best I alight.



If you had heard stories like this before, you’d understand better. From what I have heard in the past, they go on to tell the man that if he wants them not to tell everyone about the stolen money, he has to give them some of the money. The so-called owner of the money then goes on to say they would have to go to an herbalist who will do a covenant for all of them to show they are all in agreement.



Mind you, all these three people are together from the start. Once you follow them to the herbalist, they begin to ask you to bring some money or gold to unseal this or do that…I also learnt at this point, you must have been charmed and will keep on doing their bidding. They will tell you if you fail to do their bidding or tell anyone about the money or their existence, you will die or run mad.



My darlings, Christmas is fast approaching and everyone is looking for ways to make quick money. They go about tricking people of their hard earned money. Let’s try to be extra attentive and vigilant when in public or entering public vehicles. Especially my Abuja peeps where every car owner is a potential cab man, let’s be careful. And once you notice anything strange, be quick to alert others,scream for help or excuse yourself if you can.



I pray we shall all celebrate Xmas and the new year in one piece with our loved ones with so much love and happiness in our hearts.


Enjoy your Sunday…







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