The Prayer of a Tenant

Hello darlings, xmas is coming!!! taranranranaran…I’m so excited about this season and I pray this happiness last forever and may God bless all my readers too and give you a reason to forever be happy.

Some weeks back, a page followed my writing page on Instagram Debwritesblog. When I get such follows these days, I check out such handle and follow back immediately if it’s also a writing page. Otherwise, I follow such with my personal account.

When I checked out this handle, I did not actually look through the pictures and clicked the follow button after reading the bio and decided to check the page out later.

Later on, I got a DM from the handle eulogizing my creativity as she (later found out the gender) has gone through my blog and how much impressed she is about my work. Immediately, I decided to see the face beside the page.

Guess what guys?

I discovered Iqueenwrites was my old school mate. We attended the same fellowship back then in school, graduated the same year and she was also the editorial coordinator of the school fellowship then, The Redeemed Christian Fellowship. She was someone I had always admired and always look up to then as an upcoming writer…I never got a chance to meet her and see how we just clicked. Honestly, I was excited that day and was so proud of myself especially after she had praised me! If horses were to race through my heart that day ehn, they wouldn’t have missed a step!

I went through her blog page as well, and I am so impressed about her style of writing. Sarcastic, hilarious, straight forward and witty! She has done so much for herself.

Today’s post was lifted from her page and I implore you all to please check out her blog and subscribe to get notified of new posts. Thank me later *biggrin*


Hey guys, its DECEMBER!  The Countdown to 2017 is on!

We thank the Lord!

Y’all are my friends so pls let us pray together.
There’s a prayer I’m really praying right now ehn. Life as a tenant is not easy maka chukwu, you can rent a nice cozy flat but you can’t determine the kind of humans that would rent the next flat.  O di egwu…really

On this particular night, my newly wedded Christian neighbors started a revival in their flat.‘Rekabobo, Rekesebobo’ in the highest voice tones. Please before you judge me, I am still a child of God but revival in a residential environment, really? They were not only praying very loud my beloved brethren, they were using tambourines, tambourines!!!! In the middle of the night. My people, who does that? I’m not exaggerating this is exactly what happened. They for kuku carry trumpet join sef

They succeeded in waking up my whole family, even my little baby was a victim of their selfishness. For working moms out there, you know how hard it is to put your baby to bed sometimes. Then finally you succeed and some people start a heaven shaking revival next door, won’t you almost cry?

At some point I thought I was hearing the man say ‘Jagaban’….oh well that’s not my business though. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a child of God. My husband and I wake up to pray at night as well but we don’t even raise our voice loud enough to wake the person in the guest room, how much more the entire neighborhood.

This revival went on for over 2 hours; they led me to start praying my own prayer that God should move me to the permanent site ooo coz being a tenant is not cool anymore. I went to work with swollen eyes the next day, thanks to my prayer warrior neighbors. I was told my baby slept all morning coz of the deprived sleep during the night.

Why are people sometimes inconsiderate? If we had a Muslim or non-Christian neighbor won’t that person have been irritated by their style of prayer?  If it was our Oyibo people, they won’t waste time to call the cops on such people but in Nigeria lawlessness is legal.This has become the norm in our neighbourhood, they shout in prayer every night, sometimes its in the morning and i really wont have complained because by then I am usually already on my way out.


I think there’s a difference between religion and being joint heirs with Christ. Religion would make you want to wake everybody up so that they can know that you are praying but I’m sure the latter would not. Even Jesus went to the mountain to pray, he went to a separate place. I know we all have battles/challenges in our journey through life but I think prayer is communication with God and not a shouting match.

If you have to shout ngwanu RCCG, Auditorium is large enough for you but not in a residential environment…

The drama that comes with being a tenant can be really frustrating, some people would refuse to pay security, cleaning and gardening dues. Some people would enter the compound late at night and leave the gates open. Some would park as if they are the only ones living in the place, some it is shouting at the top of their voices and waking us all up.

Father please relocate me quick ooo, how about you? Pray ooo….oya let us sing this song togetherBABA do wonder ooo te te do wonder….


What are your experiences as a tenant like? Do you also have neighbors that put up acts like these?





  1. December 20, 2016 / 4:32 pm

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm love this post it is really baba do wonder o cuz face me and slap you house is over frustrating some would even make you think about things you have not been able to achieve in life ,some would make you cry, some would make you feel unbearable, hmmmmmmmm sincerely words can’t explain all the evil that happens when you stay in houses that wasnt built by you can’t wait for God to open way ooooo

    • debadmin
      December 20, 2016 / 5:52 pm

      Amen o!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 That’s our earnest prayer dearie.

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