I will do it tomorrow

I will go there soon
I will call her later

I will send the report some other time
I will iron my clothes before nightfall

Why push what you can do now till later?

What if you never get the time again to write that exam because you keep hoping you’d write the next diet?

What if you lost your job tomorrow and never saved up because you believed you still have the job?

What if you get there and the interview is over simply because you hesitated to get dressed early?

What if you never get another chance to express your love to that woman of your dream simply because another did before you?

What if you forgot to send your boss that report cos you felt you still had time to…until it was too late?

Personally, I procrastinate a lot! I always believe I have time on my hands, thereby engaging in more pleasurable things and end up messing everything and running around at the last minute.

Procrastination is a stealer of time.

As a new year is about to unfold, this is one bad habit you should drop! Stop procrastinating, it’s a time bomb that can go off without a forewarning.

It makes you appear like a lazy, unserious fellow even when you are not. Do what you have to do quick.

Better still, always go about with your To Do list, set a benchmark for daily routines- that way you are prompt with achieving set goals, timely. And always congratulate yourself whenever you tick off from the list. You can even gift yourself something to say Thank You to self. That way, you are motivated to do more.

People will also take you serious and respect you more for being a man/woman of his/her word.

I hope 2017 bring to reality all our dreams…

Cheers darlings!🍷

P.S: Insomnia led to this post, and my niece won’t get off my chest (her best sleeping position), ignore any typos🙏🏼




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