Cold Shoulder ❌ African Print ❌ Jean ❌ Fro

Cold Shoulder ❌ African Print ❌ Jean ❌ Fro

Hey darlings, this post has been sitting in my draft for months and I thought to share today. It seems I am doing this Ankara/contemporary look often now. I have paused on fashion posts as I am trying to get a good camera. I hope someone can gift me one this Xmas season????

Whenever I look at the mirror, I love the reflection that smiles back at me? It is called self love. We don’t actually have to wait forever to hear people’s compliment before we feel so good about ourselves. We should learn to love and appreciate ourselves at every opportunity.

Oh no Debs, this is not a motivation post but fashion!!!?

There is it! I love this outcome! The cold shoulder trend has come to stay and I love every bit of it!

This top is actually cut out for its own matching trouser. See how I rocked it for a traditional official function…

Ignore the blurry pic?

But on this particular day, I needed something traditional yet fitting cos I knew I would be running loads of errands, hence the sneakers.

And yes, that’s my one year fro! (As at the time of the picture), I love it more than I love me???

You like? How would you have rocked the top? I love to read to hear from you?

Merry Xmas in advance…Don’t forget to tell a friend to check out this blog❤

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