CyberBully and Personality Defamation 

It’s funny when I’m cyber bullied (anonymously) because when people do it to me, I don’t think of how much I want to hurt them or punch them in the face like my friends do…but I go on this site and write a quote to them back, hoping to kill them with kindness. – Ashley Jackson


20 Cyber Bullying Quotes That You Must Spread Right Now

How do people sleep at night after dropping a hateful comment on another person’s page?

How do you go about your daily affairs without any remorse?

How do you see the same person outside social media and give them a thumbs up and even cheer them on when you do worse behind them?


Do you still feel human after that?

It only takes one click to ruin a kid’s life.

Some people will just wake up from their bed, open their social media page…scroll through…see an old friend looking all beautiful or even a regular person they follow…anger and hate will just grow in their heart towards this person…how can she be this happy and pretty…open an anonymous page…like the picture…and then, “you should stop bleaching, your knuckles are so dark”, “you’ve been carrying that hair for months, change it”, “your make up is so terrible”, “Oh you are so struggling to look good when you are really ugly”, “like we don’t know that car is not yours”…bla bla bla

See Aunty, when I see some pictures ehn if I tell you what goes through my mind sometimes you will run. But I just scroll past. I don’t need to make someone else feel bad than he or she is already feeling. I don’t need to compound their problem with my judgmental self. If the person is a known person, I can send a DM or call or inbox to share my opinion in the most polite way. But trust me, I hardly do that not because I cared less but because it is the right thing to do except of course it is necessary.


I would rather be a little nobody, then to be a evil somebody.

Abraham Lincoln


Some words are best left unsaid, I have come to learn. Rather than talk, I don’t bother to like the picture sef…Abi what’s the point of a like that did not reach my mind…lols…this unholy anger will just be making someone rant in pidgin…


But clearly, cyberbully is taking a huge toll on social media pages these days. Most times, I just go to some Instagram pages like @instablog9ja and look for controversial post so I can read comments and I wonder to myself- are these ‘commenters’ so jobless as such? Some will even be fighting over someone else’s issue! Telling the victim how he or she should have dressed, acted or reacted. Ha, you people should fear God o.


Victims of bullying spare themselves distress, by detachment; denying their ability to experience happiness

James Horace

I know a number of people who have detoxified from social media because of the undiluted hate and hurt they have experienced. I believe social media was created to reach out to loved ones, marketing purpose, show offs?, reuniting with old friends, showcasing talents, promoting business and for knowledge and entertainment.

Quite unfortunately, it’s purpose has been abused and it has become a home of the fastest finger becoming judges and a safe haven for faceless trolls and bullies.

While I will argue that most people who act as this bullies and trolls are just people who feel a sense of belonging and power with what they do, it is in no way right and justifiable. If you belong to this class, I’d best advise you put a stop to this. Suicide attempt has been on the increase these days as well as low self esteem as a result of this. So also has characters been defamed due to this. When people forget, the internet does not. The more negative comment you put out there about someone, the more harm you cause to the personality’s character.


A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

Mark Twain


Have you ever been bullied on any social media platform? How did you feel? What’s your thought on this form of bullying?

Don’t just be a reader, be a contributor.

Have a great weekend, darlings…


Unless and until our society recognizes cyber bullying for what it is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will continue. Anna Maria Chavez



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