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HR Millennial: The Overworked Assistant

Guest Column Lifestyle April 16, 2018 4 Comments

It is no news that we all have that overworked assistant in our organization. The one who does all the background work to make things happen while the boss gets the glory. It may even be you in your organization, and you cannot complain simply because it is your passion or you are trying to work your way up the…

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How I Deal With My Body Image

Lifestyle April 10, 2018 11 Comments

Body Shaming is one topic that has always been emphasized over and over in the society. No matter what you look like, society will always have something negative to say about you. This is now a recurrence and has caused a lot of people to deal with body insecurities. And it is a known fact that most insecurities breeds low…

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5 Reasons Your Blog Readers Never Come Back

Blogging Tips April 2, 2018 19 Comments

As a blogger, having a consistent, growing and engaging blog readers is one big dream come true. We tend to worry a lot about our blog traffic that we fail to examine what we are doing right and wrong. In fact, this seems to get to us a lot that it begins to affect our blog. You share a post…

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